bearing witness

I’ve been surprised at how many people (even adopting families) think of orphanages as some sort of American run daycare center. Continue reading

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just LOOK at her!

10700545264_055120f7cb_c those of you who have followed my blog for at least 2 years will remember “Shelli”.  if you don’t, click here and follow the links to read all about her.  Here is an update I just received from her mother tonight.  this.  THIS is the kind of thing that can happen when people from all over the world come together to help one small child.

(shared with permission.) Continue reading

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the phone call

most of us have probably experienced that one moment in time that marks a big change in our lives. a time that will forever be a dividing point in your personal history. for me it was the events of 9-11. Continue reading

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oh the memories

atlanta_photobooth (65)

on June 14, Matthew and I took the Littles to the zoo.  the children’s hospital had a “dream night” which was free for their craniofacial patients and their families.  in a rare moment of delirium I thought it sounded fun, so we went.  it was a little more than a 2 hour drive and everything was going well until we pulled into the parking lot.  I heard something right about the time Josie smelled something.  Continue reading

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a Rosie (Shelli) update


If you don’t remember Shelli go here to refresh your memory.  Go ahead.  You won’t regret it.  Shelli was the name I had given her when I wrote about her but her name is actually Rose.  I love that name.  Anyway, I’m so excited to bring you an update.  I received this email from her mom. (shared with permission.) Continue reading

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