Josie Jo

Josie has come such a long way in a short amount of time.  I’m continually surprised at how well she is picking up English.  She has been home 5 months and she is already using proper grammar more times than not.  Compare that to Noah who has been home 2 years and still mixes up personal pronouns and even Maddie who has been home almost 5 years and has to be reminded, “say that sentence the proper way”.  For example at supper tonight Josie needed a wet wipe.  At this stage in language development I expect a couple of words strung together.  something like “wet wipe please” would be wonderful.  Josie, however, says, “newniah (her pet name for me), can you getta me ah wet wipe please?”  wow!

She does not like to drink cold drinks and requests, “cool aide, not cold.”  If I haven’t warmed it properly she will say, “This drink is too cold.”  impressive, right?  but that’s not all!  ::cue corny infomercial voice::  She knows the alphabet, what sound each letter makes and can come up with words that start with that sound.  (“newniah, nipple starts with N!”…. yeah, learning body parts too.)  As if that weren’t impressive enough….  she can also spell her name!  I taught her how to spell her name in 2 minutes one day.  I was going over the letters of her name with her and she seemed bored.  Then I began to clap with each letter and she perked right up.  She immediately remembered and now when asked to spell her name she claps while saying each letter.  :D

She loves rhythm.  I tease James about her being our little percussionist.  Seriously though, I’d love to see what she could do with a set of drums.  She can beat out the rhythm to any music.  Her comb and Sponge Bob toy smacking together gives her much joy.  In fact, I believe it was this joyful noise-making that kept me from hearing the car honk behind me in the doctor’s parking lot right before I smacked into a sweet old lady’s car.  oops.  First accident.  ever.

We’ve been working on improving her posture.  She sits and even walks all curled up on herself.  Her chin is usually resting on her chest with her shoulders all slumped forward.  I guess it’s because she’s never had a reason to lift up her head and keep her eyes forward.  I’ve been gently reminding her “head up” and she is really good about lifting her chin when I say that.  Even though her vision is practically nonexistent, bright light is painful.  I finally convinced her to wear sunglasses by showing her that I wear sunglasses.  Now she wears them every time we leave the house and it is much easier for her to lift her head while walking.

A couple of weeks ago one of the other littles found an old Sponge Bob toy and gave it to Josie thinking she would like it since it was yellow.  Boy were they right.  She latched onto it and now SB must accompany her everywhere along with her comb and iPod.  and cane.  yikes.  she needs more hands.  or maybe a purse.  She says pockets will solve everything but she must wear “beautiful clothes with pockets”.  She’s such a fashionista.  When James is gone over night Maddie and Josie sleep in my bed.  I was getting into bed one night around midnight and Josie stirred and sleepily said, “Sponge Bob is beautiful!”  I think it’s her first crush.

We’ve been in the middle of switching insurance providers and had to cancel her last eye doctor’s appointment.  We’ve continued giving the drops and look forward to meeting with the doctors again.  I’m going to once again voice my opinion that we need to head in another direction than they are currently going.  If they disagree it might be time to find another doctor.  The eye drops she takes twice a day (5 different medications…every drop made for glaucoma patients) leave her tired, moody and very unhappy.  I’ve started skipping the morning dose and only giving them in the evening and she is like a different child.  She is funny, silly and easy going until mid-afternoon.  I think it’s about then when her head/eye pain begins to get to her.  When giving the morning drops though her mood changes from sunny to stormy within half an hour.

I’ve discovered something else about Josie recently.  She loves to tumble, climb, do handstands, jump, crab-walk, bites her toe-nails… I’m hoping to get her signed up for a gymnastics class.  I’ll keep you posted.

A couple of days ago I was outside with the Littles and Josie says, “Newniah, what’s that sound?”  I hear a terrible metal on metal scraping sound and look up to see her running the rake across my car door.  O_O

I’ve struggled the past 2 days with migraines.  I guess the pollen is really bad right now.  This afternoon Josie came into my room and climbed up beside me on the bed.  I was in and out of sleep but when I would wake she would pat my head and say, “newniah head hurts.  I’m sooooo sorry baby.”  What a precious precious girl.

I am so blessed.



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