Sleep-Away Camp

Noah and Maddie. First day of camp.

James and I dropped Maddie and Noah off this afternoon for their very first week of sleep-away camp. They are attending Camp Courage which is a camp for kids with craniofacial disorders. The campgrounds are so beautiful. We loved the way it was all set up and the campus was laid out very nicely. They have so much available for the kids to do. Noah and Maddie were very excited and a little nervous. Maddie said she was most excited about swimming. Noah said he was most excited about staying up until 10pm every night. lol Before we left Noah decided they needed to leave Matthew and Helen (their favorite toys) with me. Noah told me I should sleep with them so I wouldn’t forget who they were. We were able to help them settle into their cabins. Maddie gave me a tight hug good-bye and told me she would miss me and that I shouldn’t cry. She reminded me she would see me on Friday.

Camp Courage

Noah’s hug was not that tight but he was clasping my hand tightly. He had that stunned look on his face we’ve come to know means he’s feeling a little overwhelmed. He reminded me to take his picture so I wouldn’t forget him. When we said good-bye, he looked like he might cry, but he didn’t. His counselor, Matt, was there and he started introducing him to the other boys. One of them grabbed us all and we had an impromptu group pic. lol I’ll post a couple of pics here but after we pick them up this weekend, I’ll make a video so you can see them all.

And here is a video from me to Maddie and Noah. I’m so proud of you two. You are the bravest people I know. I pray you make amazing memories and friends this week. I pray you also gain a little understanding about how amazing you are.

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6 Responses to Sleep-Away Camp

  1. MelissaH says:

    You are a very brave mama!

  2. MelissaH says:

    How are Noah and Maddie?

  3. Marjorie says:

    I was told “no news is good news” so since we haven’t heard anything I guess they are doing well. I can’t wait to pick them up tomorrow though.

  4. Laurie Cleveland says:

    I know what you mean! I can’t read Braille with my fingers either! And it doesn’t help that I have 2 kids that need to have their brailled homework ”inked” (english written above the braille) so their non Braille reading teachers can check their work. I applaud your drive to learn Braille the right way!!

    Just wait until she’s ready for Nementh math – thats where the rubber meets the road!!

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